How to Join the Forum for Pilots

It’s easy to join THE FORUM– just CLICK HERE.

When you register, there will be a few things we will need to know from you.  eg your postal code, would you be able to temporarily foster an animal, are you a pilot, your airport ID, emergency contacts, and the distance you are willing to fly etc. Once you have completed the registration form and hit the submit button, an automatic authorization will be sent to your email, just reply to it and that should get you registered.

Once you are registered just head back to the forum and begin.  Make sure you are logged in (upper right hand corner) and scroll down to the PILOTS VOLUNTEERING SERVICES section. Open that, click on NEW TOPIC (since you are posting a new message) and include your location, airport ID in the subject line, and any contact information you would like in the message but please remember this is a public forum and if you want to avoid having people phoning you or emailing you directly, do not post any personal information on the Forum itself.

Click submit and you are listed!  Now head over to the Ride Board where all the transport requests are listed.  If you find one you can help with, jump on in and reply.

Pilots N Paws Canada is totally self-run. No one schedules your transports or pressures you in any way. The pilots have total control over who they reply to and the choice of days, times, number of animals, kinds of animals, distance, weather, etc. We ask that the pilots check the Ride board whenever time allows.

 It is important for pilots to keep in mind that rescue volunteers are not used to using air transport, they have only had ground transport available until now. You may have to educate them a little about the restrictions you face such as weather that may in fact postpone a transport or require a change in plans. Most are very good about accommodating the pilots with regards to meeting you at your airport of choice.  We also have ground transport volunteers on the Forum who can help coordinate support and fostering if needed.

There are no fees charged to rescues for these flights ever so no money should exchange hands.

We have obtained Non Profit status from Corporations Canada and our application is with Revenue Canada for full  Charity status. This process should be completed before the end of the year we are hoping.   Once we are registered as a Charity, any pilot who flies a documented Canadian rescue flight  for us may be eligible to claim portions of their flight costs as a tax deduction. We will keep everyone aware of changes when they come.

We have created an ONLINE FLIGHT RECORD FORM   which you will need to complete in order to support any claims at tax time.   As with most things dealing with tax situations, please consult with your tax adviser on how volunteering for Pilots N Paws Canada may apply to you.

We will do our best to make your involvement as a pilot with Pilots N Paws Canada as enjoyable as well as cost effective for you.

Please do take a few minutes to read the Guidelines and familiarize yourself with how things work. It takes a little time to surf through all the information but if you have questions, please feel free to ask. Other pilots and members are very generous about helping, advising, and giving pep talks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email anytime. Thank you so much for caring and coming on board to make a difference!

Gini Green
Pilots N Paws Canada