Volunteer Pilot Keith helping out Victoria Humane Society

A HUGE thank you to pilot Keith Bjorndahl and Robert Northcott and Pilots N Paws Canada for flying up to Terrace today and picking up Heidi and her babies for us! And thank you to Kitimat Humane Society for taking such good care of this mom and pups and trusting us with their care! These are BIG puppies so if you have been looking for a large breed dog, these might just be the pups for you!!

A Flying Turtle

Turtle hit by car airlifted 400 km for medical care Windsor CBC NewsOn Friday May 10th we received an emergency call from Heavens Wildlife Rescue about a 14 lb snapping turtle that had been run over by a car. The poor turtle had severe injuries on its shell and both the upper and lower jaw had been broken in several places. We needed to get this turtle to immediate medical attention at the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center in Peterborough.944207_461574810579876_161428476_n Porter the snapping turtle face injury

First thing Saturday morning pilot volunteer Rick Woodall jumped in his plane and flew to Sarnia to pick up the turtle named Porter along with a second turtle, that needed attention flew them to the trauma center in Peterborough.

It was Rick’s first flight for us and although it wasn’t quite the fuzzy little dog had imagined being his first passenger, he was very happy to lend a hand.


Here is the link to hear the full story covered by CBC Radio host Wei Chen on Ontario Morning May 16, 2013



UPDATE:  One year almost to the day, the turtle was released back into the wild.  The rescue center sent us this photo that just shows the amazing work done by the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center.


Celebrating Our 1st Year in Operation!!

On June 15 – 30th, 2013, we celebrate our ONE year anniversary soon so to really have some fun with this and hopefully raise some much needed funds to help us expand the program even further in our second year to help more areas of Canada, we are starting to solicit some wonderful items to present to you all in our first annual ON LINE AUCTION!!

We are looking for donations as well so if you have something unique to your area you would be willing to donate or run a business or have a special skill you could share or know someone else who could donate, please let us know. Gift certificates, paintings, jewelry, do you have a special product for animals that you would like to get more visibiity for, we would love to receive it and put it in the auction. Each item will have a picture and a description along with a link to the person’s business if they like and they will be visible 24 hours a day, for two whole weeks!! We anticipate as many asa 3,000 to 5,000 will see these items over the two week period so that should be a nice opportunity to present your products, art to a new audience of animal lovers.

We would love to have local items from across the country so that we can share in promoting Canadian talent too and they can be animal related or not. The more cool items we have, the more fun this will be for sure.

Thanks as always, for your support in what we do! This first year has been amazing because of every one of you!

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